Call for Paper – l’espace politique

Forced displacement in Southern Cities: Eviction, relocation, resettlement

Deadline : February 28, 2013

The study of involuntary displacement in southern countries is often centered on refugees and forced mobility caused by conflicts, and less frequently considers urban involuntary resettlements. The status of “displaced person”, internationally recognized in 1998 by the United Nations, defines people involuntary displaced from their homes in a context of crisis, particularly because of armed conflicts. Those displaced people do not necessarily cross an international border.

This issue of L’Espace Politique proposes to change the point of view and focus on the urban scale rather than on the national one, paying attention to forced resettlements in a context of urban change rather than in conflict situations. It will focus on forced mobilisation within urban areas during eviction operations that typify neoliberal urban policies.

Despite the suggested alternatives and recommendations by international actors, eviction remains a common method to “clean” southern cities of their most undesirable citizens by relegating them to the urban margins.



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