A breakdown of trust

JUST two years ago, when Dilma Rousseff was elected Brazil’s president, the country’s economy was booming. It then ground to a halt and is now struggling to recover. Despite increasingly frantic official efforts at stimulation, the moribund creature grew by only 0.6% in the third quarter—half the number forecast by Guido Mantega, the finance minister. Most market analysts now expect GDP growth to be less than 1.5% this year and not much more than 3% next year. So much for the notion that the B in the BRICs is a speedy economy.

Link: http://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21567942-if-she-wants-second-term-dilma-rousseff-should-get-new-economic-team-breakdown-trust?zid=305&ah=417bd5664dc76da5d98af4f7a640fd8a


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